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Brilliant, funny and so true, I love the whimsical animation style, it works so well with the story, nice colours and funny voice work!

I've really been loving this series the only problems I can draw are the odd lapses in lip-syncing and often an unnatural talking pace, which often throws the narrative, I barely got wind of what Ikkie (Ikky?) was saying.

But even with that you've produced a good series with memorable characters, great personalities and roles, and a rich mythos which I hope will only expand and grow. You have a strong narritive and a driving story that goes through each episode and links them.

Bravo! Keep it up!

I really like this series of "There's Something I noticed", I love the deadpan delivery, it comes across more as a humours observation, which is what this IS, I can't imagine this getting better with an enthusiastic approach, it would kill the humor.

The animation is fine, it's a sweet simplistic style, and is all you need to accompany the audio.

I did not see that coming, that was really beautiful, so sad.

Smooth animation, charming style, and the voice acting was fantastic, really good with a strong message.

This was truly beautiful, the whimsical, colourful and bouncy art style worked really well with the subject of the piece. The music was just outstanding, it had me welling up.

Really great work, well done!


I've been a fan of your videos for a while but I feel this is a good example of how their just getting randomer and stupider without getting funnier, the animation remains good smooth and well coloured but all I got from that was random yelling, some violence somewhere inbetween and then crying. I couldn't even tell you what the story was o.o

I'd recommend going back to basics what made your old vids funny was that it kept it's cool, this is just random and silly D: I mean no offense.

Clever and Very Funny

You did a very god job on this, funny beats with a clever mix of wording, I kept laughing when the woman was shaking her hips saying 'do you want this cake?' it was hilarious especially the TADA! s

a fine job, mr flash distributer

Not too good

Too short to be good, was kinda expecting something...well longer, good animation, and all but just the length bothers me


Very good animation, and very fluid, but I couldn't help think you just recycled the jokes from Metal Gear Awesome and it doesn't work well.

It's very good all considered.


great job I love how they get into character!


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