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Brilliant, funny and so true, I love the whimsical animation style, it works so well with the story, nice colours and funny voice work!

I've really been loving this series the only problems I can draw are the odd lapses in lip-syncing and often an unnatural talking pace, which often throws the narrative, I barely got wind of what Ikkie (Ikky?) was saying.

But even with that you've produced a good series with memorable characters, great personalities and roles, and a rich mythos which I hope will only expand and grow. You have a strong narritive and a driving story that goes through each episode and links them.

Bravo! Keep it up!

I really like this series of "There's Something I noticed", I love the deadpan delivery, it comes across more as a humours observation, which is what this IS, I can't imagine this getting better with an enthusiastic approach, it would kill the humor.

The animation is fine, it's a sweet simplistic style, and is all you need to accompany the audio.

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I thoroughly enjoyed it for what it was, I wish I could get the actual ending I'm not sure what I could have done differently.

Great demo, shame we wont see the full game but this was a beautiful little adventure.

Tom? Ground Control to Major Tom? Hah, Nice one.

Very enjoyable game, simplistic, funny, I thoroughly enjoyed playing over and over again.

molkman responds:

Cool, thanksss.


one of my fave shooting games
gotta say i'm certain the music is from Metal Gear Solid probably 3

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Really good work with the detailed shading while maintaing Saitama's signature look, it's beautifully done, I really like it because much like scenes in the series, there's a contrast between the beautiful painting style... and his face.

Brilliant work!

Good chinnage, and overall I admire the amount of done-ness in your face. Is it fair to assume you give as many puns as you take?

Great work!

Sabtastic responds:

I am the original punmaster. Mel is merely my apprentice.

The best pokemon for the best trainer, Dream Poke-puffs at the ready for the world's most adorable gengar

Sabtastic responds:

Haha aw thanks!
Yeah I made sure to stuff its face with all the best poke puffs ever. It loves the SHIT out of me.


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