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Really good work with the detailed shading while maintaing Saitama's signature look, it's beautifully done, I really like it because much like scenes in the series, there's a contrast between the beautiful painting style... and his face.

Brilliant work!

Good chinnage, and overall I admire the amount of done-ness in your face. Is it fair to assume you give as many puns as you take?

Great work!

Sabtastic responds:

I am the original punmaster. Mel is merely my apprentice.

The best pokemon for the best trainer, Dream Poke-puffs at the ready for the world's most adorable gengar

Sabtastic responds:

Haha aw thanks!
Yeah I made sure to stuff its face with all the best poke puffs ever. It loves the SHIT out of me.

Great work, nice to see more constructive comments here. I agree with the rest, a little more shading wouldn't go amiss, but even with that this is a great piece.

I've never used Manga Studio, but every time I see pictures from it, they're amazing, this is no exception, great work! It came out great.

Sabtastic responds:

Aw, thanks! c:

Nice work, I love the anatomy, and the clothing has great detail, and creases well, probs to the hair too, really looks bouncy, great job!

Mahjix responds:

Awesome, thanks

Has to be my faveorite of the pieces in this style, the perspective adds so much.

I like this a lot, I think works like these (This and Sniper Wolf) work with your style, and I prefer it to the array of cartoon girls done up in your style (that's just personal tastes), I love the curves, the detail you put into the shading and the gun, her hair is bouncy and vibrant, and is still in the style of the character while looking more realistic (as realistic as game girls can).

She has nice curves, well proportioned and has a really well built anatomy. You did really well with this, I look forward to possibly seeing more like this in the future! Great Job.

This is great and really sweet! I hope he enjoys it.

A really nice picture, really colourful, and brings back a lot of memories from the characters. His voice rings in my ears as I stare at it, so I'll stop now.

Sabtastic responds:

Haha GOOD! I was hoping for that!

Very nice, really good tones, his eyes are beautiful, very vibrant. The colouring of the hair is really smooth, very well done all round!


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